The start of a healthy beauty regime is sometimes hard, whether it’s because you have a full time job, being a mama, juggling the two together or simply just not having the energy to look after your skin. However, it is SO important for so many aspects of your life and hopefully with this little blog I can give you some tips and show you some of the products that I love to use.

With this cold weather and lack of lie-ins (thank you Arthur - my 16 month old) my skin certainly has suffered. Going from central heating to freezing cold, my poor skin doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. Not helped sometimes by a little dehydrating factor…ALCOHOL. GASP, I am partial to a beverage or two now and then...and life is all about balance right?

With that in mind it’s so important to hydrate that skin and obviously use great skincare products (which we will get into later). I don’t know about you but my skin (frown lines) and body can really tell if I haven’t had my daily intake of H2O and don’t forget to add a bit of lemon. After just a few days of re-hydration my skin feels so refreshed, I honestly feel good inside and out - as much of a cliche as that sounds. Starting the day with lemon and water has so many health benefits, getting rid of those toxins and aiding a healthy digestion, not to mention the skin feeling super soft! SO go on…stop what you are doing and pour yourself a cold lemon water right now.