Beauty and the Baby...

Only 8 weeks ago my beautiful bambino entered the world and what a change it has been. Late nights, nappies, crying but it is all made worthwhile by those glorious gurggles, little faces cuddles - nothing can melt your heart like that! 

It also makes me think more about my own beauty regimes and I know this is going to be more important than ever to counteract the late nights! I wanted to share with you my top 5 tips for how to keep up with your beauty needs with a tiny little one in tow.

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, MOISTURISE! Nothing can save your skin like a great moisturiser - with all that cream for babies bottoms there should be no shortage to use a little for yourself - if it is good enough for your baby then it is certainly good enough to keep your hands soft. Be sure that at the end of the evening (as you are cleaning of the remains of spit-up off...!) that you also treat your face as well - the sheet masks are great for being mess free (I have enough of that during the day!), quick and easy whilst being super good for your skin. 
  2. The miracle of the manicure - when you get into your groove make sure you let daddy daycare take over for an hour one weekend for a little R&R. I am using my hands ALL DAY LONG (I am now very skilled at one handed tasks) and it certainly is a little pick me up to look down and still see that I have managed to 'nail' (excuse the pun!) the perfect mani - take ever win you can! 
  3. Drink water - OK - I know this is a simple one but it is so easy to forget to look after yourself whilst you are running around all day, nothing will set those frown lines off more than dehydration. I try to fill a large bottle of water at the start of the day so I can make sure I finish it - some cucumber and mint are my fav addition to keep it interesting. 
  4. Baby wipes galore - there should be no excuse for removing make-up with all those baby wipes around, nothing will clog up your pours more than sleeping with make-up so for those days when your cleansing, toning regime goes out of the window, at last the mountain of baby wipes can come into its own (plus they are lovely and gentle on your skin!). 
  5. Keep those lips puckered up - my little one has an amazing pout and the good think is it always reminds me to get out the lipbarm (mainly from the slight pang of jealous that mine will never be that plump!). It will keep your lips from getting chapped in the cold months and just helping to make you feel that little bit better in yourself.